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Design Build

We offer comprehensive heating and plumbing design solutions to clients, designers, and consultants at fixed, cost-effective prices. All of our team members work together to come up with solutions that minimize project omissions, errors, and cost overruns. Our design staff is certified and can build custom heating and plumbing configurations to suit the needs of each client.

In-House Plotting

We have the required equipment, personnel, and technology to produce high quality, large format drawings. Our state-of-the-art digital printing technology enables us to provide all types of prints, from simple black and white plans to high quality colour on demand. In-house printing of plans and documents means no unnecessary delays during the project and efficient production of work.


Our estimating team is diverse in experience and qualification, and this includes engineers, plumbing estimators, and HVAC estimators with impressive portfolios. Thanks to our cumulative experience, we can easily gather accurate information, which is the foundation for successful estimating. We can provide information that can accurately depict current market conditions for all projects.


We have a team of highly skilled technicians that understand the duties and responsibilities required to successfully implement and construct all projects. This is the reason why we always make sure to assist you at every step of the way. Whether it is a new build or a renovation project, we not only provide plumbing solutions but also offer guidance for sound completion of the project.


We keep the safety of our clients and our personnel as our top priority. That’s why we always make sure to implement only safe work practices during projects. We have many certifications, including WHMIS, Fall Protection, and Confined Space. Our work is also covered by the Work Place Safety Insurance Board. With strict company safety policies in place, we ensure safe delivery of work at all times.

Mechanical Services

When it comes to providing mechanical services for new construction and renovation, we help you from start to finish. Our mechanical services are wide-ranging, including:

Planning - Mechanical Services

Complete Plumbing Rough-in and Finishing
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Natural Gas Installations
Full Sewer and Drain Systems
Fire Suppression Systems

Apart from the mechanical solutions mentioned above, we also help you with drains, sewers, water piping, gas piping, boilers, backflow prevention, and grease traps.

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Planning and Execution Services

We help you accurately plan and execute every plumbing project!

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