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Plumbing Rough-in and Finishing Services in Toronto

When you are planning a building renovation project, it is a good idea to have a licensed plumber visit your site and perform a thorough analysis. By doing this, you will know if the project for your new space can be finished without causing any plumbing or drain issues. FIA Plumbing & Heating Ltd. in Ontario not only provides complete plumbing solutions but also offers detailed assistance at every step. Our team understands that rough-in is one of the most crucial stages of installing a plumbing system and should be done according to standard plumbing codes. We make sure that every job is properly executed, from choosing the correct pipe size to placing the pipe at the right angle to ensuring the connection allows proper water flow out to your city sewer system. Our team uses the latest equipment to test and inspect the water pressure at every point and deliver a job that is precise and perfectly executed.

Here’s what all we can do for you:


During the rough-in stage, our job is to make sure that your pipes fit perfectly. Doing this prevents the pipes from moving too much and damaging the connections. We handle all types of pipe rough-in projects, from the outdoors to indoors and from underground to above ground.


Our technician can handle any job pertaining to plumbing finishes in a building. We take care of all the aspects, be it removing the caps on drains or installing under sink drain assemblies and water supply valves. We also do the caulking and sealing around the plumbing fixtures to ensure code compliance.


Are you dealing with a clogged or damaged drain? There can be many substances and residue, that can lead to a blocked water drainage pipe. Hire someone that has the knowledge to help clean and overhaul your drains quickly and efficiently. We carry the best tools to clean your pipes!

Finish Plumbing Services

We have experience with all types of piping and plumbing finishes. Finish plumbing follows after the rough-in phase in plumbing. By this stage, the rough framing is already installed and it is time to do a complete check to ensure that the connection and installation of plumbing fixtures is completed. We also handle other tasks, such as removing the caps on water supply pipes and drains, installing undersink drain assemblies and water supply valves, to name a few. We offer excellent plumbing finishes for:

Services - Complete

Specialty Fixtures
Coolers and Chillers

In-Floor Heating and Hydronic Heating

If you are planning to install an in-floor or radiant heating system in your soon to be renovated property, make sure that you have all the information regarding the process. The goal can be best achieved with a qualified plumber’s help. We can install and improve both in-floor heating and hydronic heating systems, providing uniform heat distribution across the surface of your building floors and increasing energy efficiency. Get in touch with us and we will design a heating system that is perfect for your commercial complex, no matter the size!

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Need Plumbing Rough-in Services?

We offer plumbing rough-in and finishing services at cost-effective rates!

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