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Full Sewer and Drain Services in the Greater Toronto Area

If you want to keep troubles away from your sewer and drainage systems, you need to make sure that they are clean and functioning at all times. This is best ensured with regular maintenance and periodic inspections. FIA Plumbing & Heating Ltd. in Toronto not only offers thorough inspection services for your sewers and drains, but also delivers quick and efficient service in case of a malfunction. We understand drains inside-out and can efficiently deal with all kinds of drain problems. Our drain and sewer services include drain cleaning, drain service, drain replacement, camera inspections, powerwashing, survey and more. Call us today to schedule a drain service, inspection or survey and we will come right away!

Keeping Your Sewers and Drains in Good Condition

Being an experienced and licensed plumbing company, we understand what it feels like when your drain overflows and leaks into your building. So far, we have helped many clients with similar concerns and overcome many challenges during the process. The years we have spent in the industry have helped us become well-versed in the job, enough that we can anticipate issues even before they occur. We utilize our knowledge, expertise, high-quality tools to powerwash and service drains and before they turn into major repairs. With us by your side, you will never feel like you have let your money go down the drain!

Here are the many services we offer you:


We not only clean and maintain your drains, but also make sure to provide you with accurate, regular reports. Whether you need our cleaning services for a blocked drain, a collapsed drain, or a grease build-up, we have you covered with the best materials, tools, and techniques!


Whether your drain is newly constructed or has seen better days in the past, we can keep it functioning with regular sewer and drain check-ups. We will notify you as soon as we notice an issue, and also offer valuable surveying if needed. We can guide you on maintaining your drains!


With drains and sewers, a problem is that it is hard to perform inspection in areas that are narrow. That’s where our state-of-the-art inspection tools come in! We have heavy-duty inspection cameras that have the ability to provide a clear view of the area, helping us detect the issue easily.


Since so much grime can be accumulated on the sides of the drain pipes, powerwashing can prove to be a very effective method to clean drains and sewers. We have high-quality powerwashing tools that let us undertake and successfully complete powerwashing jobs of all sizes!


We help you assess the current condition of your drains and sewers with meticulously done surveys. In a survey, we examine the drainage from a remote location using a industry-tested camera system and gather video footage and other useful data to identify its current condition.

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Drain Cleaning and Service

Let us help keep your drains and sewers in top condition all year long!

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